Gantry 4 Framework
HTML5 and CSS3

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Responsive Layout

Multiple device support, for mobile, tablet or desktop displays, that are automatically adjusted to.

Integrated Extensions

Template specific styling for several extensions such as RokSprocket and K2.


Multiple device support, for mobile, tablet or desktop displays.
  • Gantry 4 Framework

    Gantry 4 Framework

    The main feature of Gantry 4 is its responsive layout, allowing any template built with it to automatically adjust to the viewing device.
    An assortment of other features are included such as an intuitive and comprehensive administrative template interface, allowing you to configure Gantry with ease.
    Gantry 4 offers a responsive layout for adapting to different viewing devices. Read More
  • Powerful RokSprocket

    Powerful RokSprocket

    A multi-faceted content display module, that has support for several layout modes: Tabs, Headlines, Mosaic, Lists and Features.
    RokSprocket has a custom administrative interface that provides you with extensive controls, allowing you to configure your ultimate content layout swiftly and easily.
    A content display module, that supports several layout modes, such as Tabs. Read More
  • Multiple Variations

    Multiple Variations

    Leviathan comes with an assortment of eight stunning preset style variations to choose and configure to your own personal tastes.
    A selection of module variations are also available, both structural and stylistic, that allow you to individually style and construct your modular content.
    Leviathan comes with an assortment of eight stunning preset style variations. Read More
  • DropDown Menu System

    DropDown Menu System

    A CSS driven dropdown menu with advanced features such as inline modules, subtext, icons, multiple columns and much more.
    Configure all options on a per menu item basis in the Menu Manager for full control. There are options for both the dropdown menu and SplitMenu.
    A CSS dropdown menu with advanced features, such as inline modules. Read More
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  • Leviathan has a responsive layout, it adapts to the widths of the viewing device, as powered
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  • Increase the speed of your site by enabling the RokBooster plug-in which will compress and combine
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  • The Gantry Framework sits at the core of the template, providing the base for the major
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Popular Features

  • RokSprocket Module
  • Menu System
  • Integrated Extensions
  • Styling

RokSprocket is a powerful and multi-faceted content display extension, that combines many different layout modes; with a custom built user interface. The UI has AJAX support, for easy and efficient control, such as dynamic filters.


Tabbed ContentTabs

Tabs mode displays your content within dynamically adjusting tabs.


Mosaic Mode

Mosaic is a dynamic ajax content display mode, perfect for content sites.

A dynamic ajax content display layout mode.


More Layout TypesLayouts

Also included are the headlines, lists, and features modes.

Headlines, lists, and features modes.



Displays parents in the header and children in the sidebar.


Dropdown Menu

A CSS dropdown menu system, enhanced with Mootools.


Mobile Devices

A panel or selectbox menu is loaded when a small screen is detected.

Features include multiple columns with individual distribution settings, inline modules / module positions as well as inline subtext and icon support.

Features include multiple columns with individual distribution settings, inline subtext support and others.



A versatile gallery addon based on a custom-tagging architecture.



A powerful performance plugin that collates CSS / JS files.



Powerful module that brings fantastic search functionality.

Offers AJAX powered real time search results.



A content switchblade extension that has multiple layout modes.


Preset Styles

8 style variations are available, each are individually configurable.



Individualize your content with typography such as custom list.


Module VariationsSuffixes

There are 8 stylistic module variations, with 25 structural suffixes.

There are 8 stylistic module variations.


Image Source FilesSources

Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources are provided for easy customization.

Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources.