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Product Details

  • Core Gantry Framework
  • 9 Preset Styles
  • 2 Menu Options: Fusion with MegaMenu, and Splitmenu
  • RocketTheme extensions styling, and third party eCommerce extension integration
  • 70 Module Positions
  • 30 Module Variations
More Details

Product Overview

Ecwid is a free/commercial eCommerce extension, that has been integrated into Joomla via theĀ RokEcwid component. The extension has diverse features to create a complex store, in an easy to setup and use manner.

Gantry Framework - Foundation of Features


The Gantry Framework forms the core of the Mercado template, providing the fundamental base for all advanced features and functions.

Principle aspects of the Framework is the 960 Grid System and the Admin User Interface.

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New Sidepanel Layout

The Sidepanel is forced to appear on all pages with, the mainbody area being locked into a 9-grid layout.

NOTICE: The sidepanel can be disabled on a per-menu-item basis.


Mercado, the March 2011 release, is the epitome of elegant eCommerce integration, with its contemporary, refined visuals, style and structure.

Ecwid Integration

Ecwid is a free/commercial eCommerce solution, integrated into Mercado, that is easy to use,...

redSHOP Support

redSHOP is the leading webshop solution for Joomla - The powerful Open Source CMS with 20 million...

Sidepanel Structure

The template has a unique Gantry layout, with a forced sidepanel on all pages, with the mainbody...

Fusion Menu

Fusion Menu is a menu theme of the RokNavMenu extension, the addon that drives all RocketTheme...


A static menu system that displays 1st level items in the main horizontal menu and further...
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ECWID is a FREE shop extension, easy to use and manage, with template styling.

9 Preset Styles

A selection of varying colorings and shades, to demonstrate the stylistic diversity of the Mercado template.

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PNG Sources

Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources are available from the Mercado download section.

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Module Suffixes

Individualize your content from the 30 suffixes, allowing for structural or visual module independence.

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Menu Options

Both the versatile, static Splitmenu, and the Mootools enhanced Fusion Menu accompany this template.

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Styled Addons

A series of customized Extensions accompany this release, e.g. custom styling for RokNewsPager.

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Forum Guides

Remember to visit our forums for more information, and community assistance.

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Demo Installer

Deploy a replica of the November demo with ease, using the RocketLauncher package.

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Easy Install

Only install the files you need. If Gantry is present, then use the Standalone package.

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