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What is redSHOP?

In today's online market, new web shops are launched every day. The internet is getting more and more crowded with online shops, and breaking through is getting harder by the minute. To launch a successful web shop, you have to offer the user a unique and customized solution that takes your specific user base into account. You might want a simple and straight forward shop or you want a modern shop that offers the users more than just a quick run through the goods.

redSHOP gives you the control, and offers simple shop administration as well as very advanced management capabilities. With redSHOP you can offer users the power of reviews, social media aggregation and discount codes which will empower the awareness of your shop. You are able to create as many categories, products, virtual products, attributes and gift cards as you like.

redSHOP was created with CCK(Content Creation Kit) in mind, and offers customizations such as custom fields, tags and text libraries. 

redSHOP also features an action email system and a segmented newsletter system. You will be able to advise users via automatic follow up emails after purchase and send newsletters to users based on what products they have bought in the shop, giving the shoppers the news that interests them. 

Apart from this you will can utilize such features such as wish lists, downloadable products, multiple discounts, order statistics, accounting software integration and more. 

With redSHOP you will stand out from the crowd.

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Mercado Integration


Tthe style is integrated purely through CSS and images, in addition to HTML overrides to its component.

Activate the redSHOP styling option at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_mercado_j15 → Advanced

Examples of Styling

image image

image image

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