Module Positions

There are 70 module positions. If no module is published to a position, it will not appear, collapsing the entire area.

Non-Standard Elements

There are non-standard elements that are injected into the template grid structure when enabled via the template parameter, such as the logo into top-a. These features stack vertically with any modules published to that position.

You can change the positions of these elements at Extensions → Template Manager → rt_mercado_j15

Layout Control

Control all modules positions with Gantry, in terms of widths within the module row, and left/right/middle placement for the mainbody/sidebar area.



Gantry Framework : Layouts Documentation

Sidepanel Options

NOTICE: In Mercado, the Sidepanel is forced on every page, and has a grid distribution of 3, leaving 9 to the Mainbody. Therefore, the Gantry layout controls only allow you to edit the Mainbody/Sidebar distribution, and not the Sidepanel distribution. You can switch the left/right position of the Sidepanel in the Gantry controls.

Control whether the Side Panel displays on the left or right in the Gantry settings: Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_mercado_j15 → Settings → Side Panel Position.

To disable the Sidepanel altogether, set Layout Mode to Component Only. Do this on a per-menu-item basis only.

image image

Note, there are 12 specific module positions for Component Only mode, these are Component-Top/Bottom-A...F, which appear above and below the component inside the mainbody surround.



View all module positions live by appending ?tp=1 or &tp=1 to the end of your URL such as

The below diagram is of the Module Variations page.

Module Positions