RokMiniEvent is a simple and elegant solution for displaying events on your site. The module syncs automatically with either Google Calendar or JomSocial, presenting basic information such as title, date and a description, which link to the full event.

The module is very intuitive, automatically adjusting itself based on your events and event ranges; simply set the number of events and the time range, and RokMiniEvents will do the rest.

Module Features

  • Sources: Choose between Google Calendar, JomSocial, RSEvents, JEvents, EventList
  • Time Range: Select events from a variety of periods
  • Time Format: Control the type of date displayed
  • Event Controls: Manage the number of events
  • Layouts: Various layout parameters
  • Animation: Transitions, durations, offsets

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RokMiniEvents Configuration

Options available at Admin → Extensions → Module Manager → RokMiniEvents Module:

  • Source: Google Calendar — There are 4 options specific to loading events via Google Calendar: Enable Google, Calendar ID, Feed Cache, and Order by.
  • Source: JomSocial — There are 5 options specific to loading events from JomSocial: Enable JomSocial, Total Events, Show User Events, Show Group Events and Show Past Events.
  • Date Settings — There are 2 date modes, Time Span and Predefined Range to choose from. Time Span allows you set the module to events between a specific start and end date. Predefined range displays recent events, such as all events or the past month.
  • Display Settings — These settings control the look and layout of the module: Show Local Times, Day Format, Month Format, Year Format, Time Format, Date Display, Show Year, Count Limit, Events List, Timeline Navigation, and Timeline Date Display. Configure these to display the data you require, in the format you prefer.
  • Animation Settings — These control the javascript effects of the module, i.e. transition, duration and offset.

RokMiniEvents Preview