Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Tachyon is Bringing Social Back

Tachyon is the perfect template for social networking, with its elegant design and styling support for the popular JomSocial community extension.


gan·try (gan?tr?) noun

Gantry is a sophisticated Joomla template framework with the sole intention of being the best platform to build a solid template with. Gantry takes all the lessons learned during the development of many RocketTheme templates and distills that knowledge into a single super-flexible framework that is easy to configure, simple to extend, and powerful enough to handle anything we want to throw at it.

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  • Core Gantry Framework
  • Eight Style Variations
  • Splicemenu Menu Option
  • Fusion with MegaMenu
  • Splitmenu Menu Option
  • JomSocial/Anahita Styling
  • RocketTheme Extensions Styling
  • FF 3.6, Safari 4, Opera, IE7, IE8 Compatible
  • 70 Gantry Module Positions
  • 50 Module Variations
  • Javascript Input Styling
  • Adobe® Fireworks Sources
  • Custom Content Typography
  • Administrator Control Panel
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Fusion with MegaMenu

A versatile Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu, which is full crawable by search engines, in addition to many features such as multiple column support.

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3rd Party Integration

Template specific styling for the popular social networking component. We have an exclusive promotional code available for JomSocial, for all current RT members.

New Features

  • Splicemenu: New dropline menu option with javascript animations and enhancements.
  • RokMiniEvents: New module which syncs with your Google Calendar events.
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Site Updates

Check out our Blog. We’ve recently added some new features that we’d like to tell you about!

Adobe® PNG Sources

PNG sources for Adobe® Fireworks, allowing for quick and easy image customisation, from the logo to other important design...

RokExtensions Styling

A selection of RocketTheme Extensions have template specific styling, such as RokTabs and RokNewsPager, for visual integration. In...

70 Module Positions

A large array of module positions, including 10 rows of 6 Gantry modules, in conjunction with standalone areas for flexible...

Jomsocial Styling

Styled support for the popular social networking components JomSocial & Community Builder. These extensions allow you...

Splitmenu Available

A static menu, displaying parent items in the header and all subsequent children in the sidebar. A simple and user friendly...

Fusion with MegaMenu

A versatile Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu, which is full crawable by search engines, in addition to many features such...

50 Module Suffixes

A selection of stylistic and structural module variations to diversify your modular content, creating unique and imaginative...

Gantry Framework

Core Framework which provides the foundation of all features and functions in the template, such as the 960 grid system and...
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