This guide covers the basics of installing the template into WordPress.

Note: All sample content images will be replaced with blank versions. Screenshots, such as those for the Logo Editing tutorial will remain however.

Downloading the necessary files

To install the template, you only need one file:-

  • Dominion Theme ( – This file is the template package you will use to install your template into WordPress.

There are other files that you may wish to download that accompany the release, but are not required for the template to work.

  • Dominion Sample Content (rt_dominion_wp-sample-(version).zip) – This file contains XML file with sample posts, comments etc. and the ???wp-content??? directory with all images used in our sample content.
  • Dominion Source PNG(s) (rt_dominion_wp-sources-(version).zip) – This contains all the Adobe Fireworks PNG source files for the template, and if applicable, the logo font.
  • Dominion RocketLauncher (rt_dominion_wp-rocketlauncher-(version).zip) – The RocketLauncher pack is a full WordPress install that contains all the demo content, including plugins and the theme.

Method 1 – Using the WordPress installer

  • Login into the WordPress administrator dashboard (
  • In the left menu sidebar, go to Appearance ??? Add New Themes ??? Upload
  • Select the Choose File button
  • Locate the file on your computer
  • Click Install Now
  • Dominion will now be installed
  • Please go back to the themes page (with the template name, description and thumbnail)
  • Click Activate under Dominion Theme

Method 2 – Using FTP

  • Extract
  • Load your FTP client, such as FileZilla
  • Upload the rt_dominion_wp folder to the
  • Login into the WordPress administrator dashboard (
  • In the left menu sidebar, go to Appearance ??? Themes
  • Click Activate underneath the Dominion section

Gantry Features

Below is a list of some of the top features of Gantry

1RTL Support: automatically flip the entire modular structure of Gantry when RTL languages are detected.

2Custom Presets: an intuitive and simple user interface for creating and saving your own custom presets.

3Content Control: set the theme options on a per post/page/taxonomy etc. basis, such as the layout controls.

4Gantry GZipper: RokGZipper functionality built straight into the Gantry core for its CSS/JS items.