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    Fresco comes with a selection of ten individual and unique variations, each with a contemporary blend of vibrant and engaging visuals. Each is configurable to either a high, medium or low background detailing level, allowing you to vary between a rich and subtle appearance. Read More
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    Gantry is the powerful Core Framework that provides the standardized features and functions for all themes, which has an update facility within WordPress. Such features include the flexible 960 Grid structure, an intuitive administrative control interface, iPhone/Android support and much more. Read More
  • Plugins


    An assortment of RocketTheme plugins have template specific styling, such as RokAjaxSearch, RokTwittie and RokGallery, all demoed on this site. The new and popular RokSprocket widget also has Fresco styling for all of its layouts modules: Tabs, Headlines, Lists, Features and Mosaic. Read More
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Unique Variations Sophisticated Design

Fresco, the January 2013 WordPress Template Club release, is a visually rich template, bringing life to your content through stunning and intricate graphics, each customised for specific themes.

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Available Preset Styles

Ten style variations are available, each with a unique graphical theme such as Sport.


Powerful Menu Options

Choose between the javascript-enhanced CSS dropdown Fusion Menu or SplitMenu.


Integrated Plugins

A selection of integrated styles for several RocketTheme Plugins, e.g. RokTwittie.

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Forum Support

Post questions in the relevant section for the forum moderators to review your thread.


Email Support

Email support is strictly dedicated to account and pre-sales questions.


Premier Support

Provides a one-on-one incident management system with a 2 hour response time.

Adobe Fireworks PNG Sources

  • rokgallery1
  • rokgallery2
  • rokgallery4
  • rokgallery5
  • rokgallery3
  • rokgallery6

Plugins Support

RokTwittie displays tweets from any Twitter account and/or search terms; and has Fresco-specific styling.