• Vibrant and Interactive

    A visually rich theme design with seamlessly integrated interactive and animated elements.
  • Powered by Gantry

    The versatile and free core framework that powers the theme's features and capabilities.
  • Multiple Menu Options

    Choose between a flexible and extensive CSS dropdown menu system, or a static splitmenu.
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Latest NewsAn Exquisitely Designed RocketTheme Theme

Iridescent is a vibrant design with various integrated elements to provide a seamless and versatile theme environment. A full page RokSprocket slideshow provides a rich interface to impress, complemented by other layout options, to expand beyond its core base.

The theme features a selection of animated extras, that without detracting from the content, provide depth to your page.

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  • RokSprocket

    RokSprocket is designed to give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content.
    One of RokSprocket's greatest assets is its custom administrator, which provides unprecedented control with extensive configuration options.
    The widget is an expandable content display platform, with a diverse selection of prebuilt layout modes, that offer different structural and functional types to choose from.
    The plugin supports several providers, such as WordPress and its very own Simple provider, which allows for content to be created and controlled entirely within RokSprocket.
  • RokNavMenu

    RokNavMenu is a powerful menu system which provides functions beyond that of a default menu.
    This system is at the core of all RocketTheme's great theme menus which provide exclusive menu item options such as multi-column drop-downs.
    Coupled with our themes, the Gantry Menu widget produces a stunning display with smooth dropdown transitions.
    RokNavMenu provides menu item specific options when utilizing our themes. From icons to subtexts, we've given users more control over their menus.
  • RokBox

    RokBox is a fully responsive, multi-media modal input "pop-up" plug-in for the WordPress CMS.
    The essence of RokBox is data-sets placed in hyperlinks. Inside the hyperlink, data-sets generate JavaScript which produce a stunning modal canvas for a variety of media.
    RokBox has a number of different data-sets, each with a specific meaning and all optional with the exception of "data-rokbox" which is used to activate the RokBox plugin.
    RokBox also has a built-in editor button that generates RokBox snippets for your WordPress Content, whether HTML or WYSIWYG. Available for posts, pages and Custom HTML widgets.
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