Preset Styles A selection of unique and stunning style variations.
Styled Plugins Integrated styling for many RokPlugins.
Typography Streamlined and fresh content style elements.
New Layout The new Showcase Tabs layout for RokStories.
  • Design


    Unique Style Variations

    Nebulae, the December 2011 release, combines visual sophistication with functionality and power. The theme offers a range of unique and stunning style variations, with distinct colour schemes complimenting their detailed and beautiful background counterparts.


    Fresh & Refined Typography

    All the standard typography has been recoded and restyled for the December theme release. The new set takes advantage of CSS 3 techniques, resulting in less code and greater performance, as well as providing an assortment of visually modern, and clean custom content elements.

  • Menus


    Fusion with MegaMenu

    Fusion Menu is primarily a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu, that combines standard suckerfish type functionality with animations, transitions and other advanced effects provided by Mootools; in addition to other MegaMenu features such as multiple columns.


    Versatile Splitmenu

    Splitmenu is a static menu system that displays 1st level items in the main horizontal menu and all subsequent child menu items in the Sidebar. This location, and other parameters pertaining to SplitMenu, are configurable in the Gantry Menu widget settings.

  • Framework


    Gantry Framework

    The Gantry Framework is the foundation of all the features and functionality in the theme. It is a cross-platform instrument, which extends well beyond the core abilities of WordPress and its theming structure, and as an external plugin, it increases the ease of adding new abilities.


    Theme Interface

    The most notable feature of Gantry, is the advanced and intuitve administrator interface for controlling the theme. It allows for extensive control over all aspects of the theme, such as widget width distribution, and can be managed on a per-override basis.

  • Widgets


    New RokStories Layout

    Accompanying the theme release, is a new version of RokStories with a new layout option, Showcase Tabs. This is demoed above, and places the content title, a label, and an automatically generated thumbnail in the tabs, whilst displaying the main image full width.


    Styled RokContentRotator

    RokContentRotator makes a return with theme specific styling for the Nebulae theme. The widget is perfect for displaying content items in a dynamic fashion, using the vertically stacked tab items. The widget is styled for multiple positions and widget suffixes.

  • Guides


    Installation Instructions

    The theme, the Gantry Framework, and all used widgets or plugins are available in the RocketTheme downloader. There are two theme packages, a standalone and a RocketLauncher build. Use the RocketLauncher if WordPress has not already been installed, and vice versa.


    Logo Customization

    Sources are provided, inclusive of fonts, in the download for Nebulae. You will need Adobe® Fireworks CS3 or later, in order to take full advantage of the editable and layered source PNGs that we offer. Instructions on how to modify the logo are provided in the tutorial section.

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Scrolling Widgets

Scrolling Positions is a feature of Gantry, which, when activated, modifies the behaviour of stacked widgets. Instead of appearing vertically, the additional widgets assigned to a given position become accessible via a javascript transition button, in this case: "More".

The Content Top and Content Bottom position rows have this feature.

Hidden Content

In this demo, we have disabled the frontpage content from displaying (in the Front Page override), therefore, only widgets will appear. This is achievable via a setting in Admin Dashboard → Nebulae Theme → Advanced → Display Content : On/Off.

Additionally, you can disable the entire mainbody area with the Display Main Body setting.

Insert basic modules into RokTab's content using the Load Position gizmo, which uses the [loadposition id="position-id"] syntax.

  • 960 Grid System
  • MegaMenu
  • Image Smart Loading
  • Source Ordered Mainbody
  • Extensive User Interface
  • Per-override Configuration
  • Per Browser CSS/JS support
  • iPhone Mobile Theme
  • Google Web Fonts

Easy Logo Customization

Images sources are available, in addition to any fonts, from the Nebulae download area. Adobe® Fireworks CS3 or later is required, in order to take full advantage of our editable and layered PNG source files.

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22 Widget Variations

An array of 22 variations are provided, 15 of which are for stylistic purposes, and the remaining 7 being for structural changes. Additionally, variations can be combined such as using both title/box styles and/or with structural suffixes.

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RocketLauncher Package

Replicate the demo with ease with the RocketLauncher package, a full WordPress install, including the theme, plugins and the sample data used on the demo. The Launcher is the perfect tool to understand the basics of the theme.

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Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion Menu is primarily a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu, that...

New Typography

The whole typography has been recoded and restyled for the December theme...

Gantry Framework

The Gantry Framework is the foundation of all the features and functionality...
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