TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2020
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Tachyon is Bringing Social Back

Tachyon is the perfect theme for social networking, with its elegant design and styling support for the popular BuddyPress community plugin.


gan·try noun

Gantry is a sophisticated WordPress theme framework with the sole intention of being the best platform to build a solid theme with. Gantry takes all the lessons learned during the development of many RocketTheme themes and distills that knowledge into a single super-flexible framework that is easy to configure, simple to extend, and powerful enough to handle anything we want to throw at it.
In addition to the styled support for the BuddyPress plugin, Tachyon also features styling for included with BuddyPress widgets, such as the Who’s Online and Members.

Download BuddyPress
  • Core Gantry Framework
  • Eight Style Variations
  • Splicemenu Menu Option
  • Fusion with MegaMenu
  • Splitmenu Menu Option
  • BuddyPress Styling
  • RocketTheme Plugins Styling
  • FF 3.6, Safari 4, Opera, IE7, IE8 Compatible
  • 70 Gantry Widget Positions
  • 50 Widget Variations
  • Javascript Input Styling
  • Adobe® Fireworks Sources
  • Custom Content Typography
  • Administrator Control Panel
More Information

BuddyPress Integration

Template specific styling for the popular social networking plugin. BuddyPress is a free plugin, and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins directory or the official BuddyPress site.

New Features

  • Splicemenu: New dropline menu option with javascript animations and enhancements.
  • Gantry BuddyPress: New plugin for all Gantry powered themes.
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Site Updates

Check out our Blog. We’ve recently added some new features that we’d like to tell you about!

New Splicemenu Option

A new menu which operates as a dynamic, Mootools powered, dropline navigation system, with 2nd level children displaying in the sidebar.

BuddyPress Styling

Styled support for the popular social networking plugin, BuddyPress. Providing for greater visual integration with the addon.

50 Widget Suffixes

A selection of stylistic and structural widget variations to diversify your widgetized content, creating unique and imaginative layouts.

Gantry Framework

Core Framework which provides the foundation of all features and functions in the theme, such as the 960 grid system and intutive administrator interface.
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