• New Mosaic Layout

    Mosaic is a custom theme layout for RokSprocket. It displays an interactive arrangement of content blocks in a dynamically created grid structure, perfect for any magazine/news site. Tagging with icons is supported for: computers, movies, fashion, architecture, games, music, sports, or create your own! Read More +
  • Gantry Framework

    A comprehensive core framework that powers the features and functions of the theme. Such features include an intuitive administrative interface to easily configure the theme, and the 960 grid structure. Read More +
  • Fusion Menu

    A Mootools powered CSS dropdown, with MegaMenu features, which include custom column widths, multiple dropdowns, inline menu icons and more. These are controllable on a per menu item basis in the Menu Manager. Read More +
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  • Mosaic Layout

    By Jakub Baran / 2012-08-15 10:38:11
    Mosaic, a new template layout for RokSprocket, that presents content in a dynamic and interactive grid structure; perfect for magazine sites. The grids auto-align, so it doesn't matter if you have different sizes for images or text.
    Read More +
  • Core Framework

    By Jakub Baran / 2012-08-15 10:40:25
    Gantry is the core of the theme, providing all the major, standardized features.
    Read More +
  • 12 Preset Styles

    By Jakub Baran / 2012-08-15 10:55:10
    A selection of customization style variations. Configure background textures, light or dark mainbodys as well as accent colours. Configure all variations from the theme settings page.
    Read More +
  • Typography

    By Jakub Baran / 2012-08-15 10:40:51
    Individualize your posts and/or widgetized content with the theme's custom typography, such as a plethora of list formats and notice styles.
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  • 82 Positions

    By Jakub Baran / 2012-08-15 10:41:13
    A vast widget positions assortment, spread over Gantry Grid Rows, split into groupings of six, for maximum flexibility, diversity and control. Customize layouts per override.
    Read More +
  • Logo Picker

    By Jakub Baran / 2012-12-17 21:51:54
    There are two methods of changing the Voxel logo: either via the logo picker or by manual change. You can set Logo Picker to either RokGallery or the Media Library.
    Read More +
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Popular Features

  • RokSprocket Plugin
  • Menu Systems
  • Integrated Plugins


A powerful switchblade content plugin, that provides an array of displays, all within one single modular framework. RokSprocket supports a comprehensive control interface, for all layout modes, and is powered by Ajax.


Features Mode

A showcase / slideshow layout, with image and text support.


Lists Mode

An accordion / vertical list layout, to display text and/or thumbs.


Headlines Mode

A ticker layout, for displaying headlines or text snippets.


Tabs Mode

A tabbed content layout mode with text/image support.


With RokNavMenu, framework core part, the theme provides two specific menu options, Fusion and SplitMenu. Both are configurable in the Gantry Menu widget settings, and also individually for each menu item.


Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion is a powerful, Mootools enhanced, CSS dropdown menu. It has support for multiple columns of varying widths, inline icons, distribution control, animation control plus many other features.



SplitMenu is static, multi-tiered menu option. Parent items, and 1st level children appear horizontally in the menu bar, and all subsequent children in the sidebar.



A ajax enhanced search widget. It has support for WordPress search, as well as Google Web, Images, Videos and Blog search, amongst other configuration options.



Bring Twitter to your site with RokTwittie. Display username tweets, search tweets or both; as well as general profile information. All display options are configurable. A standalone widget for use with any theme.


Voxel has integrated styling for a number of RocketTheme plugins, including RokSprocket, in all its layout modes. These are theme-based styles to visually incorporate the addons.

RokBox Video

Theme Tutorials


Learn how to install the theme, plugins and RocketLauncher, with this demo's Installation tutorial.


Explore even more with a range of theme specific Forum-based Tutorials, such as overrides setup.

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